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As a health clinic, we try to treat most aspects of what our patients need.

From diagnosis and treatment to physical exams, we try to cover all the bases for our patients in Anchorage, AK. In fact, our practitioners are able to complete sports clearance physicals, medical clearance physicals for surgery, work etc, CDL physicals and general wellness physicals. Our Medical Providers and staff are here to help you with general wellness exams to restoring the health of your family when you or they are ill.

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General Wellness Physicals

Unlike the previous exams described, general wellness physicals are more thorough and include all aspects of health and wellness. They require a longer waiting time and include tests such as EKG, X-rays, Labs, or vaccinations depending on your age. General wellness physicals are also referred to as Well Child physicals for patients under the age of 21. At our children’s clinic in Anchorage we can provide patients with general wellness physical exams, and offer for free a sports or CDL clearance. In addition, general wellness physicals are 100% covered by all insurance.

Medical clearance for supervised weight loss 
Patients First Medical Clinic, LLC is offers a medically supervised weight loss program is a medically supervised weight loss approach that focuses not just on weight loss, but on the lifestyle changes needed to maintain your results after dieting. These two pillars, weight loss and lifestyle change, are at the heart of what makes this program unique.  
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Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are exams to verify if your child is in good condition to join a specific sport or activity. Sports physicals are required only for children who are 19 years old and younger and attend local schools.

Please keep in mind that a sports physical is different than a health physical, because it does not include prevention or screening tests than are required for early disease diagnosis. No appointment is required for a sports physical. However, they are done on a cash only basis and not covered by Medicaid and most insurance.

Therefore, our nurse practitioners in our children's clinic in Anchorage will not be billing your insurance.

Medical Clearance Physicals

We are Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certified medical examiners to provide your physicals for your DOT/CDL .
Medical clearance physicals are exams required for CDL, employment or surgical clearance. Medical clearance physicals allow you to drive a commercial vehicle, perform manual work or allow you to undergo surgery. These exams, just like sports physicals, do not involve disease prevention, detection or screening, unless the patient requests a more in-depth examination. Medical clearance physicals are not covered by insurances, unless it is for pre-operative purposes. In that case our nurse practitioners in Anchorage will bill your insurance as a comprehensive exam due to its complexity and diagnostic screening. 
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