Patient Forms

To expedite your visit, please download, print, and fill out all of the forms to the right at home and bring them with you to your first appointment.

This way a practitioner can attend to you or your child as soon as possible. All patients need to have these forms filled out by their guardian, if under age, in order to receive our medical care.
The purpose of the new patient forms is for our practitioners to have an understanding of you or your child’s health condition prior to your visit at our patient’s clinic, as well as have the child’s guardian contact information in the event of an emergency and test results. Furthermore, we would like to know your insurance details for billing purposes and finally a privacy notice stating that the patient or guardian understands the notice of our privacy practices.

Adult Physical Forms

At Patients First Medical Clinic LLC, we consider our practitioners at our children’s medical practice to be the finest in Anchorage, AK. Besides offering children’s medical care service, we also perform physicals and write-up reports verifying that your child is in good health. Children’s physicals are often required when attending a new school, joining a sport’s team and more. If your child needs a physicals note, please download, print and fill out the forms to the right:
For further questions about physical and your child’s health, please feel free to contact us today!
Adult Physcial

Children's Physical Forms

Committed to excellence in our children’s medical care clinic, Patients First Medical Clinic LLC uses only the most trusted testing methods for detection, diagnosis and treatment of children’s illnesses and diseases.
To ensure top health of your child, children’s health tests are highly recommended, as well as required by Anchorage, AK’s school district. Below are the forms needed in order to receive children’s health tests and school district exams.

Let us help you move towards improved health and quality of life of your youngster today.

Children's developmental screening tests in Anchorage, AK

There are many elements that form the tenets of good health. At Patients First Medical Clinic LLC of Anchorage, AK we have specialists that will understand your child’s needs and ensure your youngster is in top health. If you would like to scan your child for chronic medical conditions and illnesses, then a children’s developmental screening test is highly suggested. Please print and fill out the below forms.

Furthermore, you can learn more about developmental screening, diagnosis and treatment at the Milestone Moments Booklet. 
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