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When you notice you or your child is ill or you suspect you might be coming down with an illness, you couldn't find a more capable medical care clinic than here at Patients First Medical Clinic LLC.

In fact, the team at our medical care clinic is made up by the most qualified Nurse Practitioners in the entire Anchorage area. We have years of experience in health care and a successful track record to prove it. Further, we have close affiliations with the University of Alaska thus keeping us current and up to date on Medical science. Whatever your ailment, we're here to give your and your family the best medical care possible.

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Dedicated nurses

At Patients First Medical Clinic LLC, we are dedicated to providing treatment that is easy to understand and tailor-made to your situation. You or your youngster will never be in better hands in Anchorage. Our respected clinic offers the finest medical care available. You can be confident that our nurse practitioners and staff are among the very best, and have the knowledge and experience to ensure you or your child has the best possible outcome in its situation.
Female doctor or nurse comforting a young boy child in a hospital bed
medical doctor holing senior patient's hands and comforting her

Personalized care

Making our patients feel comfortable is a top priority at Patients First Medical Clinic LLC. Our highly skilled practitioners will take the time to understand your symptoms, providing an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Proud to be serving the local community in Anchorage, our medical care team is here for you and your child.

We're here to help

Patients First Medical Clinic LLC has the staff and treatment options to help you get back to your everyday life. No matter the ailment, we can help. Our Anchorage-based practice specializes in a wide range of medical care services. We are able to diagnose and treat a variety of medical issues. We can also provide physicals and referrals to other trained specialists in town.
Nurse meeting with teenage girl and mother in hospital
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